Real Estate Market

Our team combines years of expertise in the real estate market, specializing in escrows and REO’s.
West-Guard Termite Control works with some of the leading real estate agents and brokers in Southern California.  West-Guard has opened its doors to the foreclosure market, specializing in quick, efficient inspections, treatments, and reports.  We take pride in our experience with escrows, both long and short.

West-Guard uses the Tim-Bor method.  Tim-Bor is an insecticide which penetrates wood and provides long lasting protection unlike traditional fumigating and tenting.  Tim-Bor works on…

  • Termites
  • Wood destroying fungus
  • Carpenter bees
  • Carpenter ants
  • Wood destroying beetles

Why use West-Guard Termite Control…

  • Quick responsive service (can be available Sat-Sun if needed)
  • No odors or fumes
  • Tim-Bor eliminates present infestations and prevents future ones
  • No tenting necessary, therefore avoiding the risk of damages to your roof and landscape
  • Our price guaranteed to be at least 30% cheaper than the cost of tenting
  • All repairs done In-House – NO subcontracting
  • Expert on-site custom milling done by our staff of highly experienced construction crew without the high cost and time delays of having to wait for the lumber company
  • By using West-Guard Termite Control, we instantly become part of your team.  We can custom taylor every deal to meet the specific needs of your clients.  We work with you, not against you.