Green is Our Thing!


Approximately 45 years ago, when America was enjoying the benefits of many new technologies, the concept of tenting and fumigating buildings with lethal poisons was introduced.  This new method seemed revolutionary and was guaranteed to kill anything within the building.  It was ingenious at the time.

Fortunately, with hindsight, we have come to realize that poisons can be extremely dangerous to  humans, animals, plants, and most importantly, our environment.

With this awareness, new approaches to old situations began to emerge, thus creating Green Industries.


West-Guard Termite Control was established to provide the housing market with a sound, environmentally safe, and effective method for treating termite infestations.

With determination to decrease the environmental impact of fumigants, West-Guard’s objective is to significantly continue to build the business by providing the best alternative method for termite control, utilizing the only treatment on the market today with long lasting effectiveness.

It is and always has been our goal to provide efficient, timely, top quality customer service at highly competitive rates.  Learn more