The Science Behind Tim-Bor

West-Guard Termite Control uses Tim-Bor Professional, developed and mined by US Borax (The 20 Mule Team), a trusted name since 1890.

  • Tim-Bor kills and controls:
    • Drywood termites
    • Decay Fungi
    • Wood-boring beetles
    • Carpenter ants
  • Tim-Bor is:
    • Virtually odorless
    • Water soluble
    • Won’t discolor or stain wood surfaces
    • Won’t corrode screws, nails, and other components used in construction

Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT), the the active ingredient in Tim-Bor Professional, is a natural form of elemental Boron, which is essential for the healthy growth of plants and believed to be important in human calcium metabolism.

Because animals and humans simply take what they need from their diet and rapidly excrete excess via the kidneys, DOT has a low acute toxicity and is very effective against insects and fungi that do not have the same excretion mechanisms.

Tim-Bor Professional applications prevent pest infestations by inhibiting pest metabolism on a cellular basis, shutting down the energy generating mechanism necessary to maintain life.


We treat the wood–> The termites eat the treated wood–>Tim-Bor Professional shuts down the termites ability to feed itself–>Termites DIE–>