Wood Repair

Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage every year.  Our highly qualified team of Wood Repair Experts can repair your home and help take a bit out of costly repairs by bringing the wood shop directly to your home.

We pride ourselves in our highly crafted wood repair expert’s ability in custom milling wood on site, therefore eliminating  the high cost of milling charges.  By doing all of our custom wood repairs in-house, we also eliminate any sub-contracting cost.

By taking these steps, we feel confident that we are doing our part in providing our customers with the best possible options in dealing with wood damages.

The last steps we take in providing the ultimate in wood repair and protection for your home is we apply a coat of Tim-Bor Professional to all new wood being replaced on your home, as well as we prime all the new wood and leave it ready to be painted and looking as good as new!


WestGuard Termite Control has an in-house construction crew ready to tackle any problem!  Watch the video below.

Check out this Wood Destroying Fungus video!